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The multi mouse volumetric array provides an immense benefit in measurement time. Instead of examining 4 mice sequentially you are enabled to study up to 4 mice simultaneousely in an NMR scanner with a larger diameter. As a prerequisite the NMR scanner has to be equipped with multiple receivers.

The multi mouse volumetric array consists of 4 quadrature birdcage resonators. The system is delivered with an animal support with integrated anaesthesia mask and bite bar. The array supports parallel imaging methods such as SENSE or GRAPPA.



  coil   multi mouse volumetric array
  features   4 separate volume resonators
  each resonator quadrature polarization
  mouse holder with anaesthesia unit included
  B0-field strength   4.7 T - 9.4 T

inner diameter:  54 mm
  required equipment   4 channel receiver system
  gradient coil with 20 cm inner diameter