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3T Allegra Kafa Koili

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RAPID Biomedical presents a dedicated head coil for the Siemens Allegra 3 T MR system.

The need for fMRI experiments with visual stimulation put special demands on the mechanical design of the coil housing. Theopen birdcage structure allow direct optical stimulation with goggles as well as the placement of a mirror inside the coil. To achieve optimum sensitivity paired with homogeneity a quadrature birdcage design with 16 rods was chosen. For better patient access and easy handling the coil can be split into two halves.


  coil   volume head coil
  features   quadrature birdcage coil
  open design for fMRI equipment
  optimised for Siemens Allegra MR system
  B0-field strength   3 T

inner diameter:  250 mm

outer diameter: 320 mm

coil length:

240 mm