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4 Kanallı Fare Kafa Koili

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  • The new 4-channel array provides enhanced homogeneity in deeper brain regions by a two-parted coil housing (see comparing images on the right).
  • Each housing half contains 2 receive channels.
  • The new rat holder with exchangeable nose cones improves animal stabilisation.
  • To provide perfect fit to different animal sizes, the holder comes with two sizes of nose cone sets.
  • Additional nose cones allow parallel preparation of two or more animals outside the holder.
  • The set of holder and arrays supports experiments with intubation.
  • The upper half of the array can be used separately.  
  • We are able to adjust the coil design to your scanner and application specifications.


  coil   coil array for 1H imaging of rat head
  features   4-channel array
  receive only
  actively decoupled
  fixed tuned
  B0-field strength   7 T (other field strength on demand)
  dimensions   for volume resonators with an ID of 72 mm or larger
  high input impedance
  low noise (NF < 1 dB)
  required equipment   - 4 channel receiver system
  - PIN diode driver
  - actively decoupled volume transmit coil


4-ch rathead sos