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8 Kanallı Allegra Kafa Koili

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  • The 8-channel head coil for Siemens Allegra MR scanners provides
    high SNR performance due to phased array technology.
  • It allows parallel imaging experiments (see images).
  • The split coil housing supports easy patient positioning and comfort.
  • The coil comes with CE-approval as medical device.
  • It is available for Siemens Allegra MR systems with 8 receive channels.


  coil   8-channel head array
  features   quadrature transmit
  8 receive channels
  split housing
  MR system   Siemens Allegra 3 T
  dimensions   mean coil diameter: 27.0 cm
  inner diameter:        25.0 cm
  outer diamter:         32.0 cm
  housing length:       41.1 cm