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8 Kanallı Fare Koili

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Most MRI studies start with an overview image. After this, a particular region is covered in detail. These two tasks are typically achieved with two separated coils. The 8 Channel volumetric mouse array migrates both tasks into one coil. It covers a FOV of 8 cm lengths. For high SNR details you can choose only the coil elements next to your ROI. This means that the animal is positioned only once and after that no further repositioning is needed.

The array supports parallel imaging methods such as SENSE or GRAPPA and can be operated on multi-channel MR systems.

It is delivered with animal support with integrated anaesthesia mask and bite bar.


  coil   volumetric mouse array for 1H imaging
  features   8 channel array
  2 x 4  coil elements on inner tube
  receive-only, actively decoupled
  integrated preamplifiers
  B0-field strength   3 T - 9.4 T

inner diameter:  35 mm

outer diameter: 119 mm

coil length: 80 mm
  required equipment   8 channel receiver system
  actively decoupled volume transmit coil