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Arter Koili

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Arterial Spin Labelling is a powerful method for angiography and perfusion measurements without using contrast agents.

Such studies put very high demands on the spectrometer and coil setup. Optimally, a coil package used for this purpose should consist of three separate coils, one transmit coil combined with a surface receive coil to perform the imaging experiments and one additional separate transmit coil used for spin labelling on the carotids.

RAPID Biomedical has developed such packages both for patient studies as well as
animal experiments on the rat on a whole body scanner.


  Coil package   - transmit volume coil
  - surface receive coil
  - spin labelling coil
  specials   All coils are actively decoupled.
  The package is available for patient studies
animals (e.g. rats) on whole body scanners.
  B0-field strength   1.5 T - 9.4 T
  prerequisite   second proton transmitter