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It has been reported that the sodium content in the knee cartilage can be used as a marker for the detection of osteoarthritis at an early stage.
Besides special imaging sequences a 23Na knee coil is the most important component for this application. In addition, the morphology of the knee has to be revealed in great detail. For this purpose, the coil is equipped with a proton channel.
For enhanced sensitivity both channels are equipped with quadrature polarization. The coil also has CE-approval as medical device.
Please ask for a customized solution if your studies require a different combination of nuclei.


  coil   dual tuned knee coi
  features   transmit / receive
  quadrature polarization on both channels
  split housing for easy access
  B0-field strength   1.5 T - 3 T

inner diameter:  180 mm

length: 180 mm