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Dual Tuned Yüzey Koili

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  • Localized 1H spectroscopy provides important information for tumor diagnosis and yields data about the efficiency of tumor treatment.
  • 31P, 23Na and 13C spectroscopy further adds information about metabolic changes of the tissue.
  • The RAPID Biomedical surface coil is capable of performing 1H decoupled experiments.
  • It is optimized for studies of human extremities and the back of the head.
  • It can be tuned to any combination of nuclei required for your studies.
  • The coil comes with CE-approval as medical device.
  • FDA approved for Siemens Tim Trio and Verio 3 T MR-systems for the combinations: 31P/1H, 23Na/1H and 13C/1H



  coil   dual tuned surface coil for spectroscopic applications
  features   transmit / receive
  linear polarization on both channels
  allows 1H decoupling
  curved housing
  B0-field strength   1.5 T - 3 T

mean coil diameter:  170 mm

inner housing diameter: 285 mm

outer housing diameter: 330 mm