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The mouse is a very well established animal model. Transgenic mice can be investigated non-invasively with MRI.

RAPID Biomedical has developed dedicated mouse volume coils with quadrature polarization for optimum SNR. The B1-field homogeneity is adapted to the desired application.

The coil can be used on any type of MR system including whole body scanners. This allows pharmacological studies on contrast agents at a field strength of clinical relevance.


  coil   volume resonator for mice
  features   transmit / receive
  quadrature polarization
  B0-field strength   1.5 T - 12 T

inner diameter:  10 - 35 mm

outer diameter: 59 mm

other diameters according to your demands
  B1-field characteristics   according to demands
  e.g. short heart coil or long whole body coil
  specials   coil can be adapted to whole body scanners
  required equipment   quadrature hybrid