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Fare Kafa Koili

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  • The new 4-channel array provides enhanced homogeneity in deeper brain regions by a two-parted coil housing.
  • Head space is continously adjustable to the size of the mouse head by bringing the lower housing up. 
  • Integrated preamplifiers improve SNR and make
  • tuning and matchin obsolete to save scanning time.
  • The set of holder and arrays supports experiments with intubation.
  • The advanced mechanical construction allows even easier animal handling.


 coil   coil array for 1H imaging of mouse head

  - 4-channel array, 2 channels each in upper
    and lower half

  - receive only, actively decoupled

  - fixed tuned
 B0-field strength   3 T to 11.7 T
  for volume resonators with an ID of 72 mm
  or larger
  high input impedance
  low noise (NF < 1 dB)
 required equipment   - RAPID mouse holder for mouse head split array
  - 4 channel receiver system
  - PIN diode driver
  - actively decoupled volume transmit coil

split mouse head axial