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Multi channel receiver NMR spectrometers becoming more and more available. In order to address the need for array coils, RAPID Biomedical has developed a 4 channel coil arrays for small animals. The SNR benefit of multi channel receive systems can be used to enhance spatial as well as temporal resolution. In addition, the coils can be used for parallel imaging methods such as SENSE or GRAPPA.

The example above is designed for spine investigation in mice at 7 T. It includes the array coil and the preamplifier electronics. PIN diode driver electronics are available if necessary. Variations in size, geometry and frequency are possible.


  coil   surface coil array for 1H imaging of small animals
  features   4 channel array
  receive-only, actively decoupled
  fixed tuned
  integrated low noise preamlifiers (F < 1 dB), high input impedance
  B0-field strength   1.5 T - 12 T
  dimensions   down to 50 mm x 16 mm
  required equipment   4 channel receiver system
  PIN diode driver
  actively decoupled volume transmit coil