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Hyperpolarized Gaz Çalışmaları

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Hyperpolarized gases have become a powerful tool to extend the range of MR applications. Their application to lung imaging and studies on the brain are currently being evaluated. Clinical studies will certainly follow.

RAPID Biomedical has developed coils for non-proton MRI using hyperpolarized gases like 3He or 129Xe. The range of coils currently starts with transmit/receive surface coils and extends up to 3He lung coils for patient studies. All coils can be CE certified. Coils for animal studies at any field strength also are available.

As a special service RAPID Biomedical can supply you with a new interface for your existing coil if your scanner is being updated to the next generation.


  coil   coils for hyperpolarised gases studies
  features   surface or volume coils
  transmit / receive
  single or dual tuned
  B0-field strength   1.5 T - 7 T
  prerequisite   transmitter and receiver chain for hyperpolarised nucleus