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Kafa Koili

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Non-proton nuclei, such as 31P, 23Na and 13C can provide important information about the metabolism of the brain and diseases of the brain including stroke, tumors and inflammation.

RAPID Biomedical is your leading supplier of dual tuned Head Coils for MR imaging and spectroscopy. For enhanced sensitivity both channels are equipped with quadrature polarization. The coils can be tuned to any combination of nuclei required for your studies. The coils also have CE-approval as medical device.

Our high performance dual tuned head coils will meet your individual needs on any MR system.


  coil   dual tuned volume coil for head applications
  features   transmit / receive
  quadrature polarization on both channels
  B0-field strength   1.5 T - 3 T

inner diameter: 265 mm

outer diameter: 280 mm
   other geometry available on demand