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Non-Proton Çalışmaları için Kalp Koili

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The knowledge of the extent and location of viable tissue is an important information for clinical diagnosis. This is especially true for investigation on the human heart. Much of this information can be gathered non-invasively with non-proton MRI (e.g. 31P or 23Na).

RAPID Biomedical gives easy access to this information with its non-proton cardiac coils.

Over the last years, we have custom made coils for 23Na imaging of the human heart for different MR systems and field strengths. Our coils have been used to make some of the first 23Na images of the human heart in vivo.

If you are interested in non-proton studies on the heart, talk to us. We can provide you with the optimized coil to perform the study you want.


  coil   non-proton cardiac surface coil
  features   single or dual tuned
  linear or quadrature polarization
  fixed tuned and matched
  B0-field strength   1.5 T - 3 T
  the coil can be adapted to the interface of whole body
  scanners and is equipped with low noise preamplifiers
  prerequisite   non-proton transmit and receive channel